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Eloping to Colorado

So you are eloping to Colorado!

Eloping to Colorado is a fantastic way to start your marriage. Colorado mountains are an amazing backdrop, the weather is incredible, the options are endless.

Hi, I am Whitney Milton, a Colorado based elopement Videographer. I specialize in couples eloping to Colorado.

I’m not just an elopement videographer; I take my service to my couples very seriously. Most of my couples that are eloping to Colorado are from out of state. They have no idea where to begin! I offer complete planning for their day. Below are just a few of the many things I do:

Best Colorado Elopement Locations

I am an avid hiker and lover of nature. My husband, kids, dog and I are out hiking the Colorado mountains, scoping for the most romantic and scenic places for our couples to elope. We know which places look best for sunset. Which ones are best for sunrise. Some of our locations are epic hikes while others are only steps away. Booking me gives you access to incredible secret locations!

Best Colorado Vendors

I offer amazing connections to Colorado’s top elopement vendors.  For example, I connect you with some of  Colorado’s top elopement photographers. Then, I will hook you up with florist, bakers, makeup and private chefs. I don’t want you to stress about your day. Let me help you!

Eloping to Colorado Adventures

Colorado has a lot of adventure. Hiking is always an epic adventure. When you throw in a sunrise hike, with wearing headlamps, the thrill and excitement only goes up. For some of my more thrill seekers, we offer connections to private airplanes trips, secret lakes for swimming, and more.

Every year I have couples calling me, desiring to elope. They have no idea where to start. I help them planning all of this! To be honest, most of my couples don’t even have a date planned! We book the package and then find a date afterwards that fits their needs. So if you are a couple, not wanting the traditional wedding, give me a call, let’s start planning your elopement to Colorado.

Photos from some of my favorite photographers:

Eloping to Colorado

by Nina Larsen with Larsenphoto.co


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