Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

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Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Yay, you are eloping to Colorado!

If you are wanting to get hitched in Colorado, I highly recommend you consider having a Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement. It truly never disappoints. Most of my couples come from out of state. Therefore, when they come to Colorado, they want to really experience the best of the best. Most of the time I recommend RMNP. Let me explain a few reason why.

Elope to Rocky Mountain National Park?

  1. The views are outstanding. I still remember the first time I had my first Rocky Mountain National Park elopement.  My jaw literally dropped. The mountains are not just rolling foothills or distanced mountains, these are breathtaking peaks you feel you can touch. This is an incredible backdrop for your elopement photography and videography.
  2. The cost is affordable. There are a select few elopement spots you can choose from ( see below) and the cost is only $200.00 for a ceremony permit. With these views, what better venue is there?
  3. Many of the elopement and wedding ceremony spots in RMNP are easily accessible with little hiking involved. While I love hiking, a lot of my elopement couples come to Colorado with some of their closest friends and family. Some of their guests are unable to hike. A Rocky Mountain National Park elopement is perfect because you can have the best of both worlds. I encourage my couples to have an amazing hiking first look and portrait time in the park. This time is reserved for just the two of them. We sometimes do a sunrise hike to a gorgeous mountain lake or walk through the paths of Trail Ridge Road. Then, we are able to meet up with their family and friends at a reserved ceremony spot.

Best Elopement Spots

  1. 3m Curve. Well, its stunning! Not a lot of walking required. But a gorgeous view nonetheless.
  2. Sprague Lake
  3. Upper beavers Meadow

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Videographer

I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings. I shoot a ton in RMNP! The cool thing is, I not only create epic films for my couples, but I do a lot of the planning for you! You dont have to know your exact location, vendors, timeline, and even date. I help you plan all of this! I am an elopement videographer and refer out to some awesome partnering elopement photographers. Below is one elopement photographer that I just adore 🙂

Here is film from Alex and Morgan’s wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park. We ended up doing a three day wedding adventure! It was truly epic. To learn more about my wedding videography packages, click here!

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Photographer

Today’s featured photographer is Jen Dz. Jen LOVES being outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing and specializes in full-day elopements. Jen knows most trails around RMNP and have photographed countless Rocky Mountain National Park elopements. Her work speaks for itself. You can see the art, the talent and the passion she pours into each of her elopements. Check out her images below. Check out her here:

Sunrise Elopement at Rocky Mountain National Park

By Jen DZ

Dream Lake Elopement

RMNP Elopement

Jen Dz, RMNP

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