How to elope to Colorado

/How to elope to Colorado

How to elope to Colorado

How to Elope in Colorado


Colorado is probably one of the best places to elope. Not only is Colorado gorgeous with the Rocky Mountains and breathtaking lakes, but it is also affordable and easy to do. Below are the steps to how to elope in Colorado.


First Step to elope in Colorado: Your Elopement Team

The first step to how to elope to Colorado is finding your elopement team. I usually recommend this as either the first or second step because your team can truly help guide you in making the decision on where to elope exactly. While I am an elopement videographer, I am much more! I help my couples plan out EVERYTHING for their elopement, from florist to photographers to the EXACT location for their ceremony. I know a lot of secret places, off the beaten path and can customize it all to your dreams. Not booking your team up front can end up putting a lot more work on you in the long run.


Second step: Your Location

I highly recommend choosing the general area of where you want to elope in Colorado. If you are looking for the best places to elope in Colorado, click here! There are countless gorgeous locations with waterfalls, lakes, mountains and red rocks. You won’t be disappointed, Colorado has it all. Just make sure you get your permit to wed at your chosen location!




Third step: Your officiant

Decide if you want an officiant or not. Honestly, Colorado is a self solemnizing state, so you do not even need an officiant. But a lot of my couples still do want one. 


Fourth Step: Your elopement ceremony

Get Married at a gorgeous location! Stress free, beautiful and affordable. 

How to elope in Colorado


Fifth Step: Marriage License in Colorado Elopement

Go to the County Clerk’s office to apply for a marriage license in person. Both parties must bring valid identification. The cost of the marriage license is $30.00


With most elopement spots on my list being $250.00 or less, your Colorado elopement can truly happen with ease and no stress! Budgeting can be a huge reason for eloping. I try to find affordable, if not even free, elopement spots for my couples. Go to my blog to get an estimation on your elopement cost! 


I hope this helped! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!


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