Having the opportunity to have drone wedding footage can add a lot to your wedding film. In Colorado, the mountain views are so breathtaking that drone footage is truly the best way to capture its beauty. I also love being able to get different angles for my couples. Sometimes I can fly to get them in a field with the mountain peaks behind them. Other times its unique to get an above shot between treeline. Drone wedding footage is always a great way to enhance your film!

All of my packages include drone footage. I do not charge extra as long as there is not an extra fee applied by the venue ( some venues in Telluride require a special permit fee). So as long as the weather and the venue is permitting, I always try to add some unique wedding drone footage to your final film.

Check out these two films that showcase some drone footage. The first is in Iceland. Of course you have to have drone footage in Iceland. Waterfalls and Oceans walls are captured so beautifully from above. 

The second film is a tiny instagram clip of two winter wedding drone shots in the mountains of Colorado.

For professionals that want to offer drone wedding footage

Unfortunately you cannot simply buy a drone and starting offering drone wedding footage and photography. You must go through these proper steps.

Step 1: Study and Pass the FAA Part 107 License. 

If you are a professional photographer or videographer using a drone to help your business, then you must have the Part 107 License. What if you are not being paid for the gig? If you traded for it, are using it on your website or social media, then it is still required. The fine for flying without can be up to 10k! 

I have passed the test twice. You have to take it every 2 years! The first time I took the test, I studied only using youtube videos and guidance from the FAA website (https://www.faa.gov/uas/commercial_operators/become_a_drone_pilot/). I also used http://thedronegirl.com/ as a reference point.  I felt the test was challenging to study this way but I did pass.

The second time I took the test, I used https://remotepilot101.com/ and I highly recommend this program. I was able to study in half the time and honestly their instructors explained things so clearly. I also LOVE that I can reuse my purchased class each time I have to reuse the test. 

Step 2: Purchase your drone and register it!

So after you pass your exam, its time for the fun part! Purchase your wedding drone. I personally think that DJI is the best brand currently on the market. Of course they are not perfect but they are pretty awesome. I sold my Phantompro4 for a MavicPro.  I am an elopement videographer in Colorado and needed something lightweight and packable. The Mavic series is perfect for this. Of course since I have purchased, they now have the Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro 2 —which is an incredible drone! Check it out here: https://www.dji.com/mavic-2?site=brandsite&from=nav  

After you purchase your drone, its time to register your drone. This only costs $5.00. BEWARE: when you google “register your drone” a ton of companies will pop up that will “do this for you” and it costs a lot more. Thats ridiculous. The proper link is here and it takes 5 minutes: 


Step 3: Get insured and practice

You need insurance. Make sure your business insurance covers you. But also be aware that if you are using this for wedding drone footage, many wedding venues require extra coverage. In these cases, consider Verifly or something similar. 

Well, I hope this helped! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, whether you are a couple getting married or a photographer wanting to learn more! <3