Elope with family guide

Yes, I believe that you can elope with family. For the longest time the idea of eloping was painted as a rebellious act where two people run to Las Vegas and go through an Elvis drive tru to get hitched. And while, I personally don’t see anything wrong with this either, eloping has evolved tremendously in the past decade. Artists such as myself and other amazing elopement photographers, have been fighting for our couples who want an intimate ceremony with their significant other without having to compromise their dreams. Part of this change is accepting that you can elope with family and friends! 

Elope with Family

Kristen and Josh choose to elope, just the two of them and without any family or friends. It was a glorious day with no compromises on their wedding dreams. When they returned home, they were able to share their  wedding video to their family and friends. However, many others want to have their closest family and friends. And this is okay too!

Elope with Family: How do I choose what guests to invite? 

Choosing who to invite can be a difficult choice. My elopement packages include up to 30 guests. This allows you to choose those most impactful in your lives to be apart of your ceremony but without having the big wedding feel. When choosing your guests for your elopement, I consider asking the question, “ When things get hard, who will be there to lift us up and support us?” This is a great place to start your list.

How to deal with people I love but do not want to invite to my wedding?

As hard as this might be to do and hear, the truth is this is your wedding. The focus should be all about your relationship, celebrating your journey to this part and your future. Think about those that have played a significant role in your journey together and will be in the future. Those that havent, it is okay to not invite them! 

One way I find that really helps “take the sting” out of not being invited is having an ‘after-party/reception’. When you return back home, even after the honeymoon, consider hosting a reception. Here you can show you entire wedding film. This is an amazing opportunity to make your extended family and friends feel involved and a part of your special day. But you are still able to reserve your intimate day between just the two of you.

Check out  Emily and Logan’s amazing intimate wedding. They decide to elope with family and friends but kept it to just a handful of people. However, they had a huge group of people they loved back home. When they returned, they were able to show their epic film and share their day with a larger crowd. It was an incredible experience. 

Are do you want to elope with family and friends? Let me help you plan everything. I huge part of my job is to remove the stressful parts of wedding planning and leave you with the joyous part! Contact me to day to start planning your dream elopement.