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I am an elopement and Iceland wedding videographer. I love Iceland, its people and of course its gorgeous land. I know my couples eloping to Iceland desire to get to know this gorgeous country too as they also consider a beautiful place to get married. 

Here’s my spill. I hate stress and want to remove all stress from your plate so you can focus on all the exciting things of planning your Iceland wedding. I am a world traveler. I have lived in 5 different countries and traveled to dozens of places. I lived for years in Europe and contact local contacts all over the world. Let me do all the stressful planning for you!

Your Iceland Wedding Videographer Package

Not only am I your Iceland Wedding Videographer, I am also your planner. I help you plan everything from our “base” in Iceland, to ceremony spots to honeymoon locations. If you have guests, we talk through those details as well. We do a few skypes, phone calls and questionnaires and then I send you a customized online document that maps out your day and timeline.

I also help connect you with your other vendor needs. From hair/makeup to officiants and photographers, I help provide everything you need!!

JD and Shana’s Iceland Wedding

About 6 months before their wedding date, JD and Shana called me. They wanted to hire me as their Iceland wedding videographer. They didn’t want to be like so many who end up living with the regret of not hiring a wedding videographer. I couldn’t be more honored. I know from experience the joy that comes from traveling around the world. I lived in Europe as a girl and have since traveled to 25 plus countries. Hearing their world traveling stories bonded us immediately and I knew this was going to be an awesome couple. I felt excited to be able to capture this part of their exciting journey.

Their photographer was Maddie Mae with Adventure Instead. Truly, they are amazing. Maddie is a good friend and I felt so happy to have a great team for JD and Shana’s wedding. Like us, adventure instead offers elopement planning. We plan out everything for our couples, from vendors ( hair/makeup, photographers, officiants, florist, you name it!) and then of course find those perfect locations for you. 

I also send you tips and tricks on traveling to a new country! Every country has their own things to know! For example, in Iceland, did you know you need a debit card with a PIN code to get gas in most gas stations? A regular credit card won’t work. We found that out the hard way! Haha!

One of my favorite things about being an Destination/ Iceland Wedding videographer is being able to truly get to know my couples. I was able to travel hours with my couples through gorgeous glacier views and lava fields while walking under northern lights and breathtaking waterfalls. We had time to really get to know each other. I felt like we were truly kindred spirits at the end of it all as we shared our passion for tiny homes and home births 🙂 

JD and Shana have a beautiful energy about them. Carefree and adventurous we had plenty of laughter and connection. It helped me a lot to re-tell their love story in their cinematic film. As an iceland wedding videographer, I always capture the endless beauty of Iceland, but my main goal is to make sure your story shines. I felt I was able to blend the two beauties in their final film below.

If you are considering me as your Iceland wedding videographer, please remember this: 1) ALL PLANNING included for you. Stress free planning! 2) Epic Film that you tells your story and will be watched generations to come! Let’s start by scheduling a time to talk! 

Also, below is my film and are some images from Maddie Mae!


I am so excited to announce we are joining Maddie Mae Photography to film for an Iceland Elopement this October!

Going to Iceland has been on my bucket list for some time. Any adventure elopement videographer, wants to go to Iceland. The landscape is incredible including waterfalls, hot springs and northern lights. What else can a videographer ask for?

Maddie Mae is an adventure elopement photographer. And well…She is AMAZING. If you haven’t heard of her work, you probably live under a rock. 🙂  You can check out her page here

While Maddie’s work is incredible. I mean INCREDIBLE. She also is the most enjoyable soul to be around. I will confess as an adventure elopement videographer, its always a goal of mine to find amazing elopement photographers that are equally kind as talented. Maddie truly cares about her clients. Recently over a cup of kombucha, Maddie told me, “The main thing I care about is my client’s enjoying their day.”

The Importance of an adventure elopement photographer and adventure elopement videographer working well together

A good videographer and photographer know how to respect their clients day and their emotions and overall experience. While also being able to document their day with such talent. While I do some light directing when necessary, I honestly love providing a more documentary style of shooting.

Being an adventure elopement videographer, I adore documentary filmmakers like GORDON BUCHANAN. Check out this article on him

He provides the humble approach to his “subjects” that I long to give to my couples. He is noninvasive, respectful, and humble. I am far from being a mini Mr. Buchanan but I hope each day to grow into this skill, talent and attitude.

However, I also truly enjoy editing very cinematic and artsy fartsy.  I enjoy the deep moody colors, sounds, and beautiful effects coming together to tell an epic love story. This is me 🙂

Consider an adventure elopement to Iceland instead

Perhaps you are planning a huge wedding and finding yourself stressed out. Consider eloping to Iceland! Maddie and I would be thrilled to document your day.

Or maybe you already are planning on eloping to Iceland in October and still looking for that filmmaker! Reach out to me today!

Hi, I am Whitney Milton, an adventure elopement videographer. I love to document weddings and elopements in some of the most exotic places around the world. I have lived in 4 continents and traveled to over 18 countries. I am also an adventure mom and wife 🙂  I have two wild kiddos and my soulmate husband David. We travel the world together, cameras in hand and boots on feet. Reach out today

Yours Truly,

Whitney Milton

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