I will confess, if I could brand myself as a Jewish Wedding Videographer and film noting but traditional Jewish Weddings I would be one happy gal. Jewish Weddings are some of my favorites. Every time I see the bride begin to circle her groom, I have to take my hands away from my camera because it will shake too much as my tears begin. The symbols, the family, the Jewish Scripture is truly so beautiful and powerful. 

I love the family and support. The couples always seem to have a knowing that marriage is hard but they are not in it alone. There is an understanding that those who are here celebrating with them, lifting them up in the joyous Hora are also the ones that will be lifting them up in th hard times. 

Here are two of my Favorite Jewish wedding films! 

Jewish Wedding Videographer for Jessica and Ian

Family meant everything to Jessica and Ian. You could really see this throughout their entire day. They had a gorgeous traditional Jewish Wedding at Aspen Meadows Resort. Watch their film to see their celebration, ceremony and mountain views!

Julia and Jeffrey’s Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding Videographer

Julia and Jeffrey hired me as their wedding videographer from Colorado. However, their beautiful wedding took place in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel. Their wedding was nothing short than spectacular, truly an amazing celebration. One of the things that made their beautiful wedding so unique was the fact that Julia’s family was Russian. The blend of these two cultures made this day unforgettable. Watch below!

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