Sapphire Point Wedding Guide

Sapphire Point Wedding Overlook is a wonderful choice for couples eloping or having an intimate wedding. Located on between Keystone and Breckenridge Colorado, Sapphire Point offers a gorgeous view of the mountains and Dillon reservoir . 

Pricing and booking information for Sapphire Point Wedding Overlook


  • Sapphire point accommodates only 35 guests. 
  • You can have a company bring in chairs.
  • Your wedding slot is 2 hours, typically way more than enough time.
  • The cost is $120.00 for two hours
  • You can call 877-444-6777 to make your reservation. 

What season is best to get married at Sapphire Point Wedding Overlook?

Winter: Being at high altitude, you can expect snow and ice during the winter months. The walk is short however, so it is doable even in the winter months. And the views are spectacular as the lake is frozen and the mountain peaks are covered in snow. See some of Dana and Paul’s wedding video and photos to get a better idea for a winter wedding at Sapphire Point.



Fall: The fall colors at Sapphire Point Wedding overlook are incredible. I love Fall in the mountains. Of course, it can be tricky to find the right weeks to get those bright colors. But check out Rachel and Eric’s wedding video to see these gorgeous fall colors.


Summer: Summer is one of the most popular times to get married at Sapphire Point. The upside is, the weather is usually wonderful. Very warm, but not too hot. And you often get crystal clear views of the mountains. The downside of getting married in the summer here is the crowds of people. There will most likely be a large crowd of people watching you get married and walking on the trails around you. Your actual spot to get married will be reserved though. 


Read about Sarah and Andrew’s Sapphire Point Wedding


When Sarah and Andrew called me looking for a videographer for their Sapphire Point Wedding, I was SO excited. They seemed like the coolest couple ever and I truly could not wait to film their adventure elopement. 


Sarah and Andrew were planning a big wedding in Florida. Then, they began to realize all the expense, the time, the exhaustion of planning a huge wedding. Sarah admitted to herself and Andrew, the idea of standing in front of a huge crowd felt like a nightmare. So they began to “think outside the box”. They knew they both LOVED mountains and Colorado so they decided to have an intimate sapphire point wedding.


While I do a lot of traditional weddings each year, I am truly an adventure elopement videographer. Intimate weddings and elopements are my jam!  Therefore I book a lot of Sapphire Point Weddings. I don’t typically offer the shorter kind of elopements but FULL day elopements that give us the entire day to celebrate your love. While skying with Andrew and Sarah, I suggested a hike. A long hike, in their wedding garb, to a beautiful location. They loved the idea!


When we skyped the second time, I came prepared with my top recommended locations to hike to.I also offered a sunrise hike, where we would wear headlamps through the dark and hike up to the top of this beautiful lake and scene. Andrews’ face lit up! He was THRILLED. I guess its one of his things to wake up at 4am to go duck hunting, so this seemed like another amazing adventure.

The Sapphire Point Wedding

The morning of the wedding, it began to rain. As a videographer who works in Breckenridge Colorado alot, this made me thankful. Sarah was not so sure. I explained that rainy spells in the morning is quite normal and it will clear out and give you the perfect beautiful wedding day. Sure enough, the ceremony hour arrived and the rain had moved on. 


The sapphire Point ceremony was intimate and beautiful. Andrew had his back turned as she began to walk down the aisle, then as she approached, he turned and his face could not hold back the emotion and tears he felt he saw his bride for the first time on their wedding day.


The Adventure Session

It was cold. It was awesome. We woke up around 4 am and drove to the trailhead in Breckenridge Colorado. The hike lasted about an hour to get to the top and then we waited for the sun the rise. Sarah was such a trooper as it was so windy and cold but she held her own! The sun came pouring over the mountains casting a gorgeous light on the couple. During the session a mountain goat came to investigate what we were doing. Honestly it was a bit scary to see how bold he was and how close he came right up to us!  Their amazing photographers, Jerico Walls Photography, snapped some awesome photos of the killer goat and even gave Sarah and Andrew a massive canvas! Haha!

Check out their wedding film and reach out today if you want to book your Sapphire Point Wedding!

Photos by Jerico Walls Photography