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JD & Shanna

About 6 months before their wedding date, JD and Shana called me. They wanted to hire me as their Iceland wedding videographer. They didn’t want to be like so many who end up living with the regret of not hiring a wedding videographer. I couldn’t be more honored. I know from experience the joy that comes from traveling around the world. I lived in Europe as a girl and have since traveled to 25 plus countries. Hearing their world traveling stories bonded us immediately and I knew this was going to be an awesome couple. I felt excited to be able to capture this part of their exciting journey.

Iceland Wedding Photographer

Their photographer was Maddie Mae with Adventure Instead. Truly, they are amazing. Maddie is a good friend and I felt so happy to have a great team for JD and Shana’s wedding. Like us, adventure instead offers elopement planning. We plan out everything for our couples, from vendors ( hair/makeup, photographers, officiants, florist, you name it!) and then of course find those perfect locations for you. 

How does the Iceland elopement planner work?

I am not only your Iceland wedding videographer but I am also your Iceland wedding Planner. I send you a pretty PDF that includes an extensive list of the best locations for you based off of a detailed questionnaire and skype call. You then look at the photos, details and pros/cons for each location. You make your choice and we fill in the details. 

I also hook you up with your vendors based off your style, personality and needs. Seriously, my goal is your destination wedding to Iceland ( or wherever you go!) is seamless and STRESS FREE!

I also send you tips and tricks on traveling to a new country! Every country has their own things to know! For example, in Iceland, did you know you need a debit card with a PIN code to get gas in most gas stations? A regular credit card won’t work. We found that out the hard way! Haha!

JD and Shana

One of my favorite things about being an Destination/ Iceland Wedding videographer is being able to truly get to know my couples. I was able to travel hours with my couples through gorgeous glacier views and lava fields while walking under northern lights and breathtaking waterfalls. We had time to really get to know each other. I felt like we were truly kindred spirits at the end of it all as we shared our passion for tiny homes and home births 🙂 

JD and Shana have a beautiful energy about them. Carefree and adventurous we had plenty of laughter and connection. It helped me a lot to re-tell their love story in their cinematic film. As an iceland wedding videographer, I always capture the endless beauty of Iceland, but my main goal is to make sure your story shines. I felt I was able to blend the two beauties in their final film below.

If you are considering me as your Iceland wedding videographer, please remember this: 1) ALL PLANNING included for you. Stress free planning! 2) Epic Film that you tells your story and will be watched generations to come! Let’s start by scheduling a time to talk! 

Also, below is my film and are some images from Maddie Mae!

Iceland Wedding VideographerIceland Wedding Videographer Iceland Wedding

Iceland Wedding VideographerIceland Waterfall wedding

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