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Meet Whitney 

I am a world traveler. I have lived in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Japan and Alabama and Colorado. Some of my favorite places I have traveled to include Africa, Iceland and Patagonia. The same reason I love to travel around the world is the reason why I am passionate about videography: People’s stories. I believe your story is important to be known and be retold for generations to come. For this reason, I invest a lot in your film. I spend hours finding your right soundtrack that brings movement and emotion to your films. I look for artistic ways to create a film that truly honors and respects your story as a couple. I invite you to watch some of my films and reach out to me with your story.


I am based in Denver, Colorado. I am well connected with the best Colorado wedding photographers, Colorado elopement photographers, wedding coordinators, florist, make up artist and Djs. I spend hours and days seeking out the best spots of filming with unique speculator mountain views, aerial drone footage and romantic getaways. I send all of my cilents an amazing list of referrals that can connect you to the best vendors and venues in the State of Colorado.

Colorado Videographer
Colorado videographer

My Style

I film every documentary style. I love capturing things as they truly unfold without getting too showy or posy on you. While there are times I do direct and guide my couples to get the best footage possible, I do so in a way that inspires a natural connection and moment and avoid cheesy, forced poses.

Meanwhile, I edit very cinematic and dramatic. I LOVE an artistic flare and expression. This is your love story and I find it so beautiful to share it in such a way that calls all of your senses forth, woos your heart and stirs your body to remember the commitment you are making to each other…Forever.

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