The BEST Colorado Elopement Photographer and Wedding Photographer LIST!

/The BEST Colorado Elopement Photographer and Wedding Photographer LIST!

The BEST Colorado Elopement Photographer and Wedding Photographer LIST!

Best Colorado Elopement Photographer

I am a Colorado elopement photographer and videographer. I love customizing packages that are perfect for my couples. My Colorado elopement packages can include planning, videography and photography. I love to give my couples that perfect one stop shop. However, I do not offer photography for my large weddings and elopements with any guests. So I created this amazing list of photographers that I love and trust!

I team up with some of the BEST Colorado Wedding Photographers and Elopement Photographers! Right now, weddings are rapidly changing. With all the scares of COVID and finances, you might be considering eloping.

I specialize in elopements. I am a Colorado elopement photographer and videographer. I have packages for photo and video for just to two of you! Or if you are looking for a larger elopement ( under 25 guests ) or larger wedding, please check out my  TOP photographer recommendations.

We do not think of elopements as ‘plan b’. Honestly, we think of elopements as one of the best decisions you will ever make. From saving thousands of dollars from removing a ton of stress, eloping might be the right choice for you. Don’t settle, elope instead!

How to choose a Colorado Elopement Photographer and Videographer team. 

I am an elopement photographer and videographer. I specialize in elopements and help my couples plan their entire day! We skype, talk on the phone, text and exchange google docs as we choose their perfect ceremony spot, gorgeous mountain sunset portrait locations and perfect places for their wedding night dinner. When you choose your elopement team, it is important you have a good connection with them. It is also very important that your photographer and videographer are a true team, knowing how to work together all in your best interest. This is why I made this list of the top Colorado elopement photographers! I have worked with them and highly recommend them!

Colorado Elopement Photo and Video Package

So first, check out this incredible Colorado Elopement Video to see a glimpse of your perfect day. I worked side by side with Colorado Elopement Photographer, Alyssa Reinhold.  We often work together, and this really helps your day to go seamless! Consider booking an elopement package with me and one of the photographers below.

What does a Colorado Elopement Photographer and Videographer do for you?

You might be thinking, well, a Colorado elopement photographer takes pictures right?

Finding the best Colorado wedding photographers or Colorado elopement photographers can be such a challenge. I know! You spend hours researching and stressing. When a couple hires me for their wedding and elopement video, I take away all this stress. I help them plan their entire Colorado wedding from A to Z . I spend hours and days researching their perfect ceremony location. I also give them a wonderful list of vendors to make their day complete. Perhaps one of the most important vendors to hire alongside your videographer is a wedding photographer. Below is a list to help you find the best Colorado wedding photographers I have worked with these photographers in rain, snow, sunrise hikes, and sunset mountain tops. They are great people and incredibly talented photographers. 

Colorado Elopement Photographer

First, Meet Whitney Milton:  Colorado Elopement Photographer + Videographer + Planner

I am passionate about helping couples plan their untraditional wedding. I want to take all the stress out of the planning piece for you. Then I want to create an epic love story film for the two of you to watch again and again. Every year I have couples writing me on their anniversary to tell me they are watching their film again! I want this to be you!

Top Colorado Elopement Photographers

People have been eloping forever! However, recently elopements have truly begin to change. Our society often spends so much time and energy on focusing on a “real” wedding that elopements often have a bad reputation  as if you are being “selfish or rebellious”. I remember when my husband and I considered eloping, we were told by family that it was NOT an option and we would have to get married “for real” after our “pretend elopement”. Unfortunately, we did not have strong enough voice to speak up for what we wanted at the time.

Eloping takes courage. It takes courage because you have to really look at your own desires and then, make an adult decision to pursue them.  Oftentimes when we are first marrying, there is a part of us that still sees ourselves as a ‘child’ in our family system. When we marry, we are making a choice to ‘leave’ our family home ( even if we havent lived in our parent’s home for years) and to create our new family with your spouse. Taking the courage to ask, how will we do things differently? and how can we do things the same? are difficult, courageous questions. For a lot of my couples, it starts with the choice to elope.

When choosing to elope, it is important you have a great team of support. Choosing the right Colorado elopement photographer and videographer team makes all the difference. More than likely, you want to choose someone who specializes in elopements. They get it. But also, we have a true passion to support couples who are eloping!

There are seriously thousands of Colorado Elopement Photographers. Where do you start? Here is my list of the top Colorado photographers that specialize in elopements. If you have a smaller wedding of under 25 guests, or love adventure, these photographers might be right for you!

Reach out to me today to start planning your Colorado elopement! We plan everything for you and provide your photo and video for your elopement day.

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Colorado Elopement PhotographerPhoto by Alyssa Reinhold, Elopement Photographer

Alyssa Reinhold

“When my husband and I got engaged 3 years ago, we started to plan a traditional wedding back home in Michigan, and quickly realized that as much I love weddings – that wasn’t what felt true to us. Instead of planning a big wedding, we packed our hiking boots and headed to the PNW to exchange vows just the two of us, somewhere we had never been. It was after that that I found my passion for elopements and wanted to help more couples plan their dream wedding, whatever that meant for them. To me, weddings should be all about you and feel true to you – whether that means being surrounded by mountains just the two of you (and maybe your dog), or your 100 closest friends and family members. Every single day I am so grateful that something as simple as a little camera has taken me to the most beautiful places and connected me with some of the best friends and people I’ve ever met.”

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Colorado Elopement PhotographerMountain Wedding

Nina Larsen

Nina Larsen Reed is a wedding photographer from Norway who’s called Boulder her home for the past ten years. Nina captures couples in love all across Colorado, and she couldn’t care less about your guest count or whether your elopement is “adventurous enough” – all that matters is that you’re stoked to marry your person! Ninaloves helping her couples find unique and secluded locations in the mountains, and she spends much of her free time hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness to find new hidden gems.”
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Colorado Elopement PhotographerIceland Elopement

Jen Dz

“I’m Jen! I’m a dog-loving, IPA-drinking, outdoors-obsessed intimate wedding and elopement photographer. I work with couples who want to have an adventurous elopement and couples who are planning laid-back mountain weddings (while still kind of wishing they could elope)! My goal is to empower my couples to have the day of *their* dreams, make sure they have a hell of a good time while they do it, and capture all the moments along the way. I believe in my heart that the photos should tell the story of your day … not BE the story of your day. I work hard to make sure my couples truly have the best day of their lives in some of the most beautiful places on earth!”

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Best Colorado Elopement PhotographerColorado Elopement Photographer

Justyna E Butler

 Justyna is a light chaser, believer of impossible things. Based in the heart of Colorado, She is a lover of adventurer, visual storyteller, the whimsical soul caught in a creative place between reality and imagination. Colorado Adventure Elopement photographer for a barefoot bride that strives to deliver the unique experience on your big day. Please join Justyna in pursuing an adventurous life with intention and grand conversation to plan your adventure at her website or connect with her on IG @justynaebutler or find her on facebook or twitter.

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Savannah Elopement Photographer in ColoradoBest Sunrise Wedding photo

Savannah Chandler

“Hey there! I’m Savannah. I’m a fifth-generation Coloradan – and super proud to live here in the Rocky Mountains. We actually have photographs of my family heading West in the 1800’s on their covered wagons. Needless to say, I think those photographs are pretty priceless. I’ve been married since 2011, and we have a precious little guy. He’s currently 5, and the strongest person we know.
I began photographing weddings in 2010 after getting my degree in Fine Art photography. I pride myself on truly getting to know my couples, and really keeping the connection with family. Whether it’s a small wedding with closer family and friends, or two souls creating a new family – I love capturing the bond between the people we chose to invite into our lives. Another bond that I focus on capturing is the environment in which couples chose to celebrate – photographing the balance between humans and nature has always fascinated me. If you couldn’t tell, I love Colorado and really try to incorporate all of this wonderful state’s majestic beauty into my photographs. Some of my most cherished moments I personally have are from other couple’s weddings – the feelings, the moments, the places we adventured to.”
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Colorado wedding photographerColorado Adventure

Diana Coulter

Diana, or as her friends like to call her, Di, is a Chicago Native and Colorado transplant. With a bit of that midwestern charm, Diana loves to feel connected to people right away. Her priority? To make you feel comfortable, look effortless, and enjoy the present moment. As an intimate wedding and elopement photographer,  Diana wholeheartedly believes connection is the gateway to heirloom images and she believes that starts with cultivating a relationship with her couples. Ready to coverage a wedding day that is 100% authentically you? If so, she’d love to chat with ya. Wanna know more? You can find her on Instagram @dianacoulter_ or head to her website below! 

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How to find the Best Colorado Wedding Photographer for you?

Have you ever posted on facebook, “ I am looking for the best Colorado wedding photographer” and then 20 minutes later feel overwhelmed by the 402 comments that appear? WHO has time for this? How do you know which ones are legit businesses, talented artists and good people? Well I have created a list for you to find the best Colorado elopement photographer for your wedding day. 

Why do I care who you hire as your photographer? Having a solid team for your elopement is very important. The last thing you want is a videographer or photographer who don’t know how to work well with others 🙂 I have worked with some amazing photographers but I have also worked with some terrible photographers! I always try to connect the best Colorado Wedding photographer to my couples depending on their artistic style and personality. Each of these photographers have shared a little introduction about themselves and some of their images. Please go to their website and setup a time to chat!  

Who are the TOP Colorado Wedding Photographers?

Here is a comprehensive list of the top Colorado Wedding Photographers.  Please note this list is not in any particular order! In my mind, they are all equal and solid photographers. Read their info, check out their images and go to their websites! 

Colorado Elopement PhotographerColorado Wedding Photographer- Ali and Garrett

Ali and Garrett Photography

“We are Ali & Garrett, a husband wife photography team. We are about challenging tradition and embracing connection. We believe in helping couples have a more playful marriage together through our time together. We believe adventure can mean whatever you want it to mean whether thats farmers markets and a picnic at the lake, or hiking to the top of a 14er. We believe in celebrating and nurturing those connections you have with those closes to you. Weddings are better celebrated with those humans whom you are closest to. The chaos is what we thrive on.”
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Colorado Elopement Photographercolorado-elopement-photographer

Jennie Crate Photography

Hi, I’m Jennie! I’m a colorful photographer who specializes in intimate weddings for devoted and courageous couples.
And no, intimate doesn’t have to mean small 🙂
I believe that intimacy is about true connections.  It’s about trust, passion, and the deep-seeded need to understand and be understood by others.  I’ve photographed weddings with 150 guests that have felt just as intimate as an elopement with only a couple.  I thrive in new environments with awesome people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who think that showing emotion is a good thing, and who plan their future together with their partner.  My job as your photographer is to tell the story of your day–not just what it looked like, but how it felt.
I’ve been married to my wife for 9 years and we call Colorado home, but we love to travel and explore new places together!  Other fun stuff to know about me: I think life is more fun if you know how to rock a pair of purple pants, that cinnamon rolls can be eaten anytime, and that the perfect day is an afternoon spent in the mountains and an evening cuddling on the couch at home.

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So there you have it! I hope you can find the best Colorado Elopement Photographer for you from this list.  Hopefully this will save you time as you search and avoid those crazy threads on facebook or endless research. I know there are many other elopement photographers out there and as I work with them, I will be updating my lists! So keep following me!

If you want to talk more about an awesome package I create with one of these photographers, reach out to me. Don’t compromise on your elopement day, get awesome photos and an epic film that will tell your love story for generations to come!

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