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Colorado Elopement Package

Colorado Elopement Package

What you need is a wedding package that offers you everything you need. Well good news! This could be the last wedding search you do and your intimate wedding can be fully planned–with NO stress for you.

I am a Colorado-based elopement videographer and PLANNER. I specialize in adventurous and intimate elopements. When you hire me as your videographer, I also become your guide. I release to you my TOP vendor lists. I have a referral list from photographers, hair/makeup, musicians, caterers, officiants, and more. And the best part? I have a list of top secret, breathtaking locations for your ceremony and portraits. Read more about my complete Colorado Elopement Package below. 

Video + Planning Elopement Package:

  • Starting at $4,500 
  • Full Elopement Planning: I will be your elopement planner, helping with locations and vendors all along the way.
  • Vendor connections: I know the top wedding vendors in all of Colorado. I give you a perfect list just for you.
  • Questionnaire: Your day is not like anyone else’s. This is your day. My questionnaire helps me know how to better serve you.
  • Skype/phone meeting: We get to know one another via skype and phone calls as we plan your elopement.
  • List of best elopement locations: From popular breathtaking locations to secret gorgeous gems, I surrender my location masterlist.
  • 6-8hours of coverage day of ceremony: I capture everything from getting ready to a sunset hike in the mountains.
  • Aerial drone ( weather and location permitting): I am licensed and insured.
  • A cinematic highlights film of your day (5-7 minutes): I spend a lot of time editing your footage to tell your story. Let’s talk more.
  • Professional Ceremony Film with audio recording of vows: I use high powered professional microphones to capture your vows.
  • Want to add Elopement Photography? No problem! Let’s talk more.

Colorado Elopement Package

What else does Colorado Elopement Package include?

Your Colorado Elopement Package also includes a stress-free adventurous day as you say, ” I do” to the love of your life.

I want your day to be as stress-free as possible. That is why I try to take all the stress out of your day by doing the heavy lifting of the planning for you. Let’s talk more about how I can help. 

How do you build your Colorado Elopement package?

First, Let’s set up a time to talk. Fill out my contact form or text me at 720.361.7834 and let’s set up a time to talk.

Second, Let’s make it official; let’s sign a contract.

Next, I send you a questionnaire that covers all the things I need to know to support you! Such as what vendors you need and what kind of location would be best for you and your wedding.

Lastly, I send you a special link to a customized document with the best vendors and locations based off your questionnaire.

Eloping to Colorado is a fantastic way to start your marriage. Colorado mountains are an amazing backdrop, the weather is incredible, the options are endless. Keep reading for some more information for your Colorado elopement. 

Should I do a sunset or sunrise?

I LOVE sunrise sessions. You get to wake up early in the morning, hike through the dark and arrive just in time for the mountains’ alpenglow. However, it is freezing. And its is early. If this is not your thing, consider a sunset elopement. The lighting will be great and you will be considerably warmer. 

It also depends on your location. We know which places look best for sunset. Which ones are best for sunrise. Some of our locations are epic hikes while others are only steps away. Booking me gives you access to incredible secret locations! 

Check out this SUNRISE video:

Where to elope in Colorado?

We offer a customized list of our top secret locations for your elopement. Once you book, we send you a questionnaire that covers your wishlist. We then send you a PDF for you to choose from! Below are a few of the more popular spots to elope. Looking for something more intimate and private? I got you covered!

Rocky Mountain National Park


Breckenridge, Colorado

Colorado Elopement Package

Aspen, Colorado

Colorado Wedding Videographer

Telluride, Colorado

Colorado Elopement Package

Crested Butte, Colorado

Boulder/Denver, Colorado

Vail, Colorado

Colorado Springs

When is the best time to elope to Colorado?

Colorado is truly a beautiful state in all four seasons. However, the joke is you never really know what season it is, as we have had snow in June and 80 degree days in December. This can make it hard to plan an elopement, but I do a good job in always preparing you for whatever outcome.


If you love snow, adventure, the cold and white mountains this is a great season to get married in Colorado. In the mountains you will most likely have snow starting in November through February. Depending on the day, it will be below freezing or a warmer day with plenty of sun. Keep in mind, the higher you go, like Breckenridge, the colder it will be. Also, since winter activities are so popular in the mountains, make sure you book your hotel far in advance if you are choosing a ski town.


When the Colorado Aspen trees turn that bright orange and yellow and the mountains becoming rich with color, your breath will be taken away. Colorado fall colors are amazing. The problem is, it’s a short season, sometimes only a few weeks. Picking the right week to come is often up to luck!


The summers in Colorado are a wonderful choice. The weather is fairly stable, sometimes light rain the morning and clear in the evenings. In lower elevation, it could be very hot (90s) and in the mountains it usually is about 15degrees cooler, depending how high you go up.


 I love spring weddings. However, in Colorado it can be a little crazy to prepare. It could be 70s and sunny. Or snowing. Or rainy. If you are planning on a spring weather, be flexible! But the good news is, regardless of the weather, Colorado is awesome.

Best Colorado Vendors

I offer amazing connections to Colorado’s top elopement vendors.  For example, I connect you with some of Colorado’s top elopement photographers. Then, I will hook you up with florists, bakers, makeup and private chefs. I don’t want you to stress about your day. Let me help you! Here is a list of who we can connect you with:

Adventure elopement ideas

Colorado has a lot of adventure. Hiking is always an epic adventure. When you throw in a sunrise hike, with wearing headlamps, the thrill and excitement only goes up. For some of my more thrill seekers, we offer connections to private airplanes trips, secret lakes for swimming, and more.

Every year I have couples calling me, desiring to elope. They have no idea where to start. I help them planning all of this! To be honest, most of my couples don’t even have a date planned! We book the package and then find a date afterwards that fits their needs. So if you are a couple, not wanting the traditional wedding, give me a call, let’s start planning your elopement to Colorado.

How to Elope to Colorado

Colorado is probably one of the best places to elope. Not only is Colorado gorgeous with the Rocky Mountains and breathtaking lakes, but it is also affordable and easy to do. Below are the steps to how to elope to Colorado.

First Step

The first step to how to elope to Colorado is finding your elopement team. I usually recommend this as either the first or second step because your team can truly help guide you in making the decision on where to elope exactly. While I am an elopement videographer, I am much more! I help my couples plan out EVERYTHING for their elopement, from florist to photographers to the EXACT location for their ceremony. I know a lot of secret places, off the beaten path and can customize it all to your dreams. Not booking your team up front can end up putting a lot more work on you in the long run.

Second step

I highly recommend choosing the general area of where you want to elope in Colorado. If you are looking for the best places to elope in colorado, click here! There are countless gorgeous locations with waterfalls, lakes, mountains and red rocks. You won’t be disappointed, Colorado has it all. Just make sure you get your permit to wed at your chosen location!

Third step

Decide if you want an officiant or not. Honestly, Colorado is a self solemnizing state, so you do not even need an officiant. But a lot of my couples still do want one. 

Fourth Step

Get Married at a gorgeous location! Stress free, beautiful and affordable. 

Fifth Step

Go to the County Clerk’s office to apply for a marriage license in person. Both parties must bring valid identification. The cost of the marriage license is $30.00

With most elopement spots on my list being $250.00 or less, your Colorado elopement can truly happen with ease and no stress! Budgeting can be a huge reason for eloping. I try to find affordable, if not even free, elopement spots for my couples. Go to my blog to get an estimation on your elopement cost! 

If you are ready, let’s get start! Reach out today and drop all the stress of your elopement planning! 

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