For many of us, the dress is one of the wedding elements we have been dreaming about and planning for since being a little girl. Over the course of your life, maybe it has shifted from a big fluffy number with a tiara to an elegant streamlined column dress and back to something fluffy but this time with cowboy boots. All, that to day, it’s a big deal so how do you go about choosing a dress for your adventure elopement? Here are some helpful hints!
  • Choosing a dress for the weather – If your ceremony is taking place during a colder season or during a sunrise when the temperatures are lower, the name of the game is accessories. You may need to wear some thermal leggings underneath, so consider that as you try on dresses. Choosing a pair of bubble gum pink leggings that peak out from under your dress could be a fun touch or if you want something more subtle, nude leggings are also a great choice (here’s a great example of a cold weather ensemble!). Having a dress with a large slit might not be conducive to warmth or hiding a pair of tights. For summer, there aren’t as many considerations, but do think about whether the fabric will breath. Being strapped into a multi-layer or long sleeve dress might make you feel like melting!
  • Make sure you feel gorgeous in it! – Your dress should reflect who you are. If you love color, this is not the day to banish colors from your wardrobe. Let those vibrant reds, golden tumerics and alpine lake turquoises come out to play!
deep red wedding dress
  • Get comfortable – When you are trying on dresses, MOVE in them. Bend and snap! Squat and twist! If that bodice is too tight or pinches, it might be a source of frustration for you on the big day and we don’t want that! A column or mermaid style dress isn’t ideal for clambering over boulders in the mountains, but would be divine for a summer beach wedding on a Greek island.
  • Getting that epic wind blown look – We’ve all swooned over them. You know which ones I am talking about! Those pictures and videos of a glowing bride with her dress billowing around her in a cloud of frothy beauty. Choosing an elopement dress that will make the most of the slightest breeze is key. How do you do that, you ask? Check the fabrics – chiffon, silk and crepe are all lightweight and will capture the slightest breeze. Have someone film you spinning and playing with the dress when you are trying it on. This will give you an idea of how easily the cut and fabric will move on the day of your wedding!

Flowing wedding dress on mountain top
  • Think about the hemline – Depending on what you are planning for your adventure elopement from 4×4 jeep excursions, hiking or climbing, get creative with your hemline. A short babydoll dress can be dreamy on a hike, but don’t rule out longer dresses too. A dress can be packed and carried to the ceremony location or hiking in it can provide some awesome video of the dress trailing over rocks. Some people relish their dirt ombre dress photos!
  • Where are some good shops – Here are a few recommendations for good places to begin your dress search – Reclamation for a one of a kind creation, BHLDN by Anthropologie for a mid range, Lulus as a budget and of course, we are big fans of second hand clothing shops as well since they have the double bonus of ecological as well as budget considerations.

Hopefully this helps you when you are choosing your elopement dress. Please reach out if you have any questions or additional tips! We know you will be gorgeous no matter what.