Looking for a dog friendly wedding venue in Colorado?

For many of us, our pets are furry members of our families. They’ve been there for us day after day for years as our best friends and confidants. Because of this, you need a dog friendly wedding venue! Honestly, who better to have at your ceremony? They aren’t going to have opinions about your choice to wear a red dress on your wedding day or if you didn’t invite Aunt Mindy. Frankly, I love dogs and they add so much personality to your wedding story! 

Lucky for you, Colorado is an ideal place to do your elopement with your dog. The rules of Colorado’s marriage licensing are as laid back as the culture. Colorado’s marriage license has two signature lines for witnesses, but doesn’t require them to be completed. Due to this interesting little self solemnizing ruling, your fur baby can ‘sign’ as your witness and become a documented legal part of your milestone day! Make sure that you have a non toxic ink pad to record his or her official paw print. 

With so many stunning vistas in Colorado, it can be hard to narrow down a ceremony location. While many National Parks do not allow dogs, there are so many beautiful areas in Colorado to have a ceremony and include your fur pal. Most locations will require you to have your dog on a leash so make sure you have one handy. It’s important that your doggo is leash friendly. The last thing you want is your fur friend pouting non stop throughout your ceremony. 

Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

Dog friendly wedding venues

Garden of the Gods Park | Dog Friendly Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods allows dogs on all their trails. With 300′ tall sandstone rock formations against the iconic Pikes Peak and proximity to Denver, it is an ideal location for you to share your best day with your best pup and your betrothed!

The Great Sand Dunes | Dog Friendly Wedding Venue San Luis

The Great Sand Dunes National Park opens the front sand dunes, which includes the 699 foot High Dune, to four legged friends. The sand can get hot in the sun for their paw pads so choosing to go barefoot is not only will not only look fabulous stylistic option but also ensure you are able to temperature check the sand! This location provides an otherworldly landscape with its rolling sugar sand mounds. 

Sapphire Point Overlook | Dog Friendly Wedding Venue near Breckinridge

Stunning and popular, Sapphire Point Overlook located between Keystone and Breckinridge is the only location in the Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest that allows wedding ceremonies and it also accommodates dogs. A short hike will make it easy for your dog, especially the ones with little legs! 

Sunrise Amphitheater | Dog Friendly Wedding Venue in Boulder

Sunrise Amphitheater on the summit of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder is a fabulous location for a small wedding. The semi circle of stone seating looks out over the valley. Whether it is at sunrise or sunset, it is sure to provide a beautiful backdrop for your vows. For a more adventurous location in Boulder, you can travel to Lost Gulch Overlook, also on Flagstaff Mountain. 

Bridal Veil Falls | Dog Friendly Wedding Venue in Telluride

Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls: The name says it all! A beautiful location and if you drive up the road, it makes for an easy day for your pooch. 

National Forests and BLM Land | Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

For those who are more adventurous, there are so many backcountry areas within the Bureau of Land Management’s care that will allow dogs. If you are interested in something like this, please let me know and we can find a perfect place for you and your fur family member

Some other dog friendly wedding tips

Your fur baby is so important to you and I know you want the best for him, so here are some helpful hints for caring for your dog on the big day! Due to Colorado’s arid climate, bring plenty of water and a bowl for her to drink out of. Depending on how far you are hiking, don’t forget to include snacks in your gear. Make sure you carry some poop bags to leave the wild as pristine as we found it. Have a back up plan for their care if the day gets too long or weather conditions aren’t ideal. Having a doggie daycare and boarding service ready in case you or your pet needs some down time from all the festivities.  

If you are interested in including your furry friend on your wedding day, let me know and we can collaborate on making the day as stress free for them, as it is for you!