A RMNP Elopement makes my heart sing! The mountains are unreal. The animal life really helps connect you to nature. On our way out of  RMNP , we went through trail ridge road and the entire time we were in awe of it’s beauty.We saw many Elk, Moose, Caribou. Thankfully no bears.

Elk seen at Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

I will confess I have a great fear of bears while camping. Seeing one from the road would be cool, but that first night of camping I rarely sleep. I keep thinking I hear a bear! But even though I have camped every year of my life, I have never seen a bear.

This past week was madness. Joyfully madness. But madness nonetheless. I had a sunrise hike elopement in Breckenridge, then another RMNP elopement, then another wedding back in Breckenridge. I always take my family with me because my little one, Nathaniel, still sleeps with me. So in the midst of all these weddings, we went camping for a few days in Rocky Mountain National Park.

And of course the first thing we see if the bear box. And the second thing that happened is one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s rangers came to our campsite to warn us that there has indeed been bear sightings.

Great. We do a lot of bear proof our campsite. Always have food put away, never have our clothes that we wore during the day near our tent, etc. But its always a bit worrisome.

And I can’t say I would recommend camping in between two weddings. I found myself actually charging all my cameras, gimbals, go-pros, and lights in the campsite bathrooms! It was kinda stressful!

But once I was out in the beauty mountains of Rocky Mountain National Forest filming a gorgeous wedding, I forgot all stress. It was beautiful. And well the couple was equally gorgeous! ( See below!)

Morgan and Alex's Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Morgan and Alex’s Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement.

I have 4 RMNP elopements and weddings this year. And truly would not mind if I only filmed weddings there for the rest of my life.Though I’ll confess Breckenridge area is also super nice!

This wedding actually took place in Estes Park at Della Terra. But we went into Rocky Mountain National Park for portraits the day before and the day after.

This couple had the most gorgeous 6 year old girl and on day one we went on a hike. We wanted something easy to do with a kid but also Gorgeous! Dream Lake was an easy choice. Isn’t it beautiful?!

The day before at Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Dream Lake , Rocky Mountain National Park

Then the day after the wedding, we were able to explore and take portraits in the best of the park. Follow their photographer for more photos of this amazing day here!

If you are planning an elopement or wedding in RMNP, let me know! I offer full adventure planning with the best romantic spots and hikes! I also work with some fantastic photographers in the area!

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