Denver Wedding Bands

Choosing the right Denver wedding band can truly make or break your party. I have seen some incredible bands and Dj’s bring your celebration alive. Dancing, entertainment, incredible sound and vocals can really make your guests move and join in the fun of celebrating your marriage! However, I have also seen some bands and DJ’s really create an awkward scene. Its hard to know who to trust. A lot of my couples come from out of state and look for referrals of vendors I trust, such as their Denver wedding band or photographers. Look through my blog and you can find amazing guides to help you plan your wedding! 

Who are the top Denver Wedding Bands?

These are my top 3 favorite Denver wedding bands. While they are based in Denver, they also travel to the mountains or all around Colorado. While my own experiences with these bands have been awesome, please note that I cannot guarantee anything about your own experience with them! But from my own experience, they were professional, extremely talented and loads of fun! Also this list is not in any particular order 🙂 

Mannequin the Band – Denver Wedding Bands 

What I loved: While they sang modern pop, they also sang awesome classics. When they began Tina Turner, the crowd when wild. Dancing was apart of their gig and it felt like an interactive show that your guests will love.

Check this raw clip of some of their work! 

Wash Park Band- Denver Wedding Bands

What I loved: Soul music at its best. Dancing, attitude and amazing music. Their music brings a lot of energy and life to your party. 

Diamond Empire Band- Denver Wedding Bands

What I loved: Awesome music. Kind folks. And they love bringing in unique style and instruments to their music. Check out the clip below of them using a Conk Shell in their music!!

So there you have it! Your top 3 Denver Wedding Bands. And of course you wouldnt want such an awesome band and wedding team without a videographer to capture it all! Make Sure you watch some of my films and reach out to me today! 

Who are the TOP Denver Wedding DJ companies?

If you are looking for a DJ instead of or addition to a live band, consider my top DJ’s below!

Elite Entertainment

Professional, respectful, and entertaining. As a videographer, I LOVE teaming with Elite Entertainment.