I met Christine and Evan through one of my photography partners, Maddie Mae. Like me, Maddie specializes in adventure elopements and in particular, Colorado hiking elopements. There is just something so special about waking early in the morning for a sunrise hike to one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in Colorado.

Evan and Christine, like many of my couples, decided against a traditional, large wedding. They are an awesome retro couple who preferred the ideal of having an adventurous memory and breathtaking backdrop more than a rented venue. They asked me to create for them a video of their Colorado hiking elopement that was more ‘real life’ and less posed. No problem! I really enjoyed creating their film.


I get a lot of calls each year from a bride or groom saying, ” We have had enough. We do not want to plan a huge wedding!” Some of my couples are on the shy/private side. They do not like the idea of standing in front of hundreds of people, while professing their intimate love to one another. Some of my couples just hate the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars on their one day. Some of my couples just love hiking and being in nature so much that a hiking elopement felt right.

There are many reasons to choose a Colorado hiking elopement. I know it can be hard to go against the grain, especially with family, when choosing an elopement. I’ll be honest, a healthy marriage often has a lot of this. When we choose each other and what works for our new family unit, we thrive. When we are about pleasing someone else, then we are divided.  Of course, I am not saying caring for another makes us divided, but part of us “choosing another” means also to protect what makes us “us”.

Evan and Christine did just this. They choose to wake at 3AM and hike to the top of a gorgeous Colorado Mountain just in time for sunrise. I set up a camera to capture an incredible sunrise. It took my breath away! That Alpenglow was the most red sunrise mountain I have ever seen! Check it out in the video for sure.

After the ceremony, we did more couples portraits and family portraits. Then we hiked back down the mountain and had the “reception” at a gorgeous Airbnb they rented. The food was catered by one of the most amazing chefs- L. Kent!  

We hiked, did the first look at an incredible sunrise and then their family met us at the top of the mountain for the ceremony. It was epic. Check out these images from Maddie Mae -Adventure Instead.

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