One common concern a lot of my eloping couples have is how to prevent altitude sickness. Most of my couples are coming from sea level states.  They are excited to elope to Colorado’s breathtaking mountains, but have concern about adjusting to the altitude. This is something to consider, especially for my couples that are doing more intense hiking.

Common Symptoms of Altitude

Common symptoms of altitude include:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • Tired/feeling weighted down
  • shortness of breath
  • faster heart rate

You can check out more severe altitude symptoms on webmd. 

How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

  1. Take 48 hours in Denver area to accumulate. Plan on restings and chilling out here before heading to the mountains and hiking! Drink tons of water.
  2. Take the first day in the mountains slow! Don’t plan on doing a big hike this day. Drink tons of water.
  3. Drink TONS of water. I mean tons. 🙂
  4. Make sure you are eating often and avoid alcohol
  5. Apples, Caffeine drinks, sugar hard candies can help with headaches and energy.
  6. Try an oxygen bar or even personal oxygen container.  You can find these in most mountain towns.
  7. Consider altitude medication if severe.

Most of the time, altitude sickness is preventable with self-care. I cannot stress the importance of drinking lots of water. However, talk with your doctor before coming. Also make sure you consider these tips, medication and oxygen tanks for those that have asthma, elderly or other health conditions.

However, most of the time, it is a minor inconvenience that barely bothers my couples. They often ask, “why do I feel so out of shape!” when hiking a mountain. Other than this, most adjust fine.

Common Colorado Locations

A few of my most common elopement locations in Colorado and their elevation are listed below.

Denver, the mile high city, is at 5,130 to 5,690 feet.

Breckenridge is at 9,600 feet.

Vail is at 8,022 feet.

Estes Park is at 7,522 feet.

Sedalia is at 5,840 feet.

Telluride is at 8,750 feet.

Colorado Mountains without Altitude sickness