Cherry Hills Country Club Wedding

Kalia and Deryk’s Cherry Hills Country Club Wedding was spectacular. I am a believer that a wedding is only as spectacular as the couple and Kalia and Deryk were the kindest, cutest couple. Then of course I would have to say the venue is also an extremely important when planning a wedding. This Cherry Hills Country Club wedding really provided a stunning, cozy environment that had all the glam of a high end place but the intimacy of family.

Kalia and Deryk’s Wedding

Every year I record A LOT of vows. I truly enjoy getting into post and being able to edit these intimate words of love and commitment into their wedding film. Kalia and Deryk’s vows truly brought tears to my eyes and lots laughter. You can tell when listening to their words to each other, they are committed and in love.

I also loved seeing Kalia’s dad’s reaction when they first saw each other. They did a first look and it did not disappoint with emotion. Later in the night, Kalia’s dad gave one of the most honoring speeches about his daughter. I was sitting there, recording his words and  I could not help let my mind drift to my own daughter. She’s only four now, but I could hear my husband giving a toast similar to this one. Watch their film to hear his toast!

Cherry Hills Country Club Wedding Venue

One of my favorite things about this Cherry Hill Country Club wedding was the amazing light. As you could see in the first few seconds of their wedding film, the sunset beams came right through their trees and into their sacred dance place. It was magical.

While at first I thought the ceremony spot was a bit narrow, honestly it made the whole ceremony feel so intimate! It also allowed the processional to be just long enough for a more dramatic entrance, which as a filmmaker, I think adds a lot! When you see and hear Deryk’s reaction to seeing her, you will agree!

The Wedding Dance

Speaking of their dance, Laura Pearson, a wedding photographer, coordinator and dance choreographer, choreographed their first dance and it was truly beautiful. If you are considering having your first dance choreographed, contact Laura Pearson for your first dance lesson!

The Wedding Photographer

Maria Sevostyanova is a talented and kind photographer based in Colorado. She referred me to Kalia and Deryk and I am so glad she did. She is a delight to work with and her work is stunning! She has provided me her top 10 images from Kalia and Deryk’s Cherry Hills Country Club Wedding.

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The Videographer 

Thats me! 🙂 If you are interested in me film your wedding, then give me a call today!  

See Kalia and Deryk’s video here!