How to write the best wedding vows

Here is the thing, as a wedding videographer, I hear wedding vows over and over. Some choose to use pre-written vows that their officiant leads them through. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and is a great option for couples who are more private and want to keep their intimate thoughts and feelings to themselves.

However, some of my couples desire to write their own meaningful vows to each other and often get stuck on how to get on paper what they want to say. Here are a few tips to how to write the best wedding vows.

Tip number one: The Best Wedding Vows have stories

Chances are if you find yourself at the alter facing the one person you love the most in the world, you have some beautiful stories together. Stories are what bind us all together. When you have a chance to recall stories together, like the first time you met, the first time you realized you were in LOVE, the first time you fought and realized they were worth the fight… Those are the memories you want to build upon. I LOVE how Eric started his vows with a story of the first time he met Rachel.

Tip number two: The Best Wedding Vows have poetic or artistic vibe. 

This can be offputting to couples who are less ‘artsy’. But most couples have a movie or song they adore and there are reasons for this. Again, the arts stir our hearts and bind us together. When you simply bring in a quote from your favorite poem or song, you acknowledge that there is something bigger than yourselves here. It helps remind you that even in the hard times, there is a whole world of support that understand the beauty and challenges of love. Watch Shelby and Michael’s wedding for artistic Inspo!

Tip number three: Have deep, thoughtful challenges.

While some couples do make fun vows to each other, “ I vow to always save you a bite of ice cream”, there is something powerful about vows that go deeper to the heart. What are things you both know you need to commit to in order for your marriage to be strengthened? Watch Abby and Justin to see what I mean!

But what if you don’t want to share your vows in front of a huge group of people?

Many of my couples are like this as well. Check out Sarah and Andrew’s film to see how private letters can be just as powerful as vows.