Should we do a first look or not?


Okay let’s talk about the most common questions when you are considering the wedding timeline of your day. Should you do a first look or not?


The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. It truly depends on the couple and the actual timeline of the day. Let’s dive deeper and explore.


Where did the tradition of “not seeing the bride” until the aisle come from?


Okay, I get it. You want to stick with traditions because it feels like the “right” thing to do. When you are considering doing a first look or not, you might feel like you are cheating if your partner sees you before the ceremony. But is it really cheating?


Here’s the ugly truth. Traditions are often created out of “needs” and not out of romance. Back in the day when arranged marriages were common and a need for survival, the “tradition” of waiting until the ceremony to see the bride was created. Why? Because this did not give the couple to back out based on looks. So if the bride would literally cover her face with a veil until the ceremony was completed and it wasn’t until they both said, “I do” and were ready to kiss that the bride’s face revealed! Not so romantic is it? 


But there are some cases when this tradition fits you perfectly. One couple, Kevin and Stephanie, knew Kevin was a baller 🙂 They were very close to their family and friends and wanted to share the “first look” at the ceremony with their entire family and friends. They didn’t care for it to be a private intimate thing between the two of them but wanted it to be a shared experience. It was a priceless moment. Kevin couldn’t keep it together as he saw her walking down the aisle. Watch their video below.


The pros and cons of doing a first look or not : What to consider?




A first look, between just the two of you, provides an intimate moment before the craziness of the day. It allows you to pause, be still and see each other without any other eyes staring at you. Most of my couples find the first look giving them the intimacy they long for on their wedding day, especially if you have a larger crowd. 


However, you might be more like Stephanie and Kevin and want to share this with your guests too!


Stress and nerves 


I remember being so nervous on my wedding day. We had a lot of people, some I didnt even know. I felt completely out of sorts. We did not do a first look. And I honestly regret it. I remember walking down the aisle, even shaking with all those eyes on me! But then I saw his face, and remember feeling, “Everything is okay now.” I think if I saw him before that moment, I probably would have enjoyed the whole day more!




A wedding timeline is usually packed full all day long. Another perk of having a first looks is the ability to do portraits before your ceremony. Wedding party, family and even a few couple portraits before the ceremony will free up your timeline for more couples portraits at sunset and heck, even let you enjoy some cocktail hour!  When you do not do a first look, after the ceremony, there is a lot of time reserved for portraits while your guests are hanging out in cocktail hour in the reception hall!


Examples of classic first looks:


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What do you think? Will you have a first look or not?