Steamboat Springs Wedding || Flying Diamond Ranch || Jack and Sarah

Jack and Sarah’s Steamboat Springs Wedding was nothing short of magical. They choose the beautiful venue of Flying Diamond Ranch. This was my first time to shoot at this venue and literally my jaw drop at the beauty of this place. 

Jack and Sarah moved to Denver, Colorado last year. They love the outdoors and Colorado’s beauty. They looked at various locations to get married and decided on a Steamboat Springs Wedding. I love steamboat springs, about a 3 hour drive from Denver. But this venue, Flying Diamond Ranch took everything to a new level.

Flying Diamond Ranch:  Steamboat Springs wedding venue 

When you first drive onto Flying Diamond Ranch, you see a beautiful barn with horses running through the field. You drive up a small dirt road until you reach the cabin. The upstairs cabin is where Sarah and her bridesmaids were able to get ready. The large sliding glass door and large windows gave this area lots of natural light; this is great for their getting ready shots. There was also a small kitchen and sofa area for spending time together with your wedding party.

The downstairs of the cabin was a rustic garage. This garage was a perfect spot for the guys to do their finishing touches and hang out. The garage  had a fun dart board, and Jack hit the bullseyes, you can see this in their video.

Wedding Ceremony Spots

This steamboat springs wedding venue, Flying Diamond Ranch has two breathtaking wedding ceremony spots. The most common spot is in their aspen grove. Flying Diamond ranch has a magical aspen grove that they decorate with string lights, furniture, and romantic white tents. The surrounding aspens provide a beautiful canopy for the light to pass through, really making this spot glow. This is actually where Jack and Sarah had their Steamboat Springs wedding reception. Their wedding ceremony was located at the second spot.

Jack and Sarah’s ceremony was located on a small hill with a stunning view of the Steamboat Mountains. Decorated with stunning flowers and a canopy this was the perfect mountain view location. Jack and Sarah had live musicians playing strings during the procession. They also white umbrellas for the guests to find shelter from the sun, something to consider when planning your mountain wedding!

Jack and Sarah’s ceremony was officiated by  Sarah’s grandfather. This brought a special touch to their ceremony. Did you know that Colorado is a self-solemnizing state? This means you don’t actually have to have someone marry you. Of course, most people who opt for an actual ceremony, want to have someone officiate. But the good news is, in Colorado, this can be any friend or relative! 


The reception at flying Diamond ranch || Steamboat springs wedding 

When I had Jack and sarahs Skype meeting, one of the main desires for their video was to capture the fun. Well, this was the easy part. At some weddings, the crowd struggles to cut loose and party. Jack and sarah’s crowd was not shy to celebrate! Of course, their band made this incredibly easy to do. Just between you and me, this might be my favorite band that I have ever seen. Not only was this band incredible talented with their musicians and singers, but they truly connected with their audience. I loved they played some amazing classics like Tina Turner and Whitney Huston, not just your typical wedding songs. And they were super fun and friendly. For sure follow them and see if they are available for your wedding day.

Jack and Sarah’s Wedding Video

The film has three scenes. The first scene was to give a glimpse into their entire day. My hope was the showcase the love, romance, magic and well, Lots of fun of their wedding day.

The second scene slows down the film. Here we get to see into their ceremony. I rarely showcase the entire ceremony in the cinematic highlights film. However, I do give them an entire ceremony film for them to have the opportunity to relive their entire ceremony. 

The third scene really focuses on their support system and celebration. It feels good to be able to look back and see all the people who came to your wedding. Marriage is hard at times, and its good to remember the support system you have. Those that came to laugh, party and dance with you, will be the ones who will also support you during the hard times.

 Steamboat Springs Vendors

The venue

Obviously, Flying Diamond Ranch is the first vendor I’ll mention. I was incredibly impressed by their staff. Its a large venue. But their staff drove everyone who needed assistance around in really awesome ATVs. The owner of the venue was so helpful and kind, constantly running behind the scenes to make sure everything was perfect. For sunset portraits, they drove us around so we could maximize our time. I could not recommend them more.

The Wedding Planner

One Fine Day Productions , Lindsey Grannis, was on top of it. She was kind and professional. Everything ran on schedule and truly made Jack and Sarah’s day stress free.  Highly recommend you book her as your Steamboat Sprigns Wedding Planner and florist.

The Photographer:

Andy lives in steamboat and works a lot at this location. He was the kindest photographer, organized and his work is stunning. To be honest, having a team of photo and video that hasnt work together can be hard. But Andy was considerate and wonderful to work with. His work will speak for itself. Check out: 

The Amazing Band. Read information about them amazing. They are the best! 

Here are a few stills from my video:


Steamboat Springs Wedding Steamboat Springs Wedding Steamboat Springs Wedding Steamboat Springs Wedding