Hey there! Last week I hosted a class of about 20 awesome women who wanted to learn the basics of video editing. Video is amazing skill to have. Whether you are a senior portrait photographer or wedding photographer, being able to offer your clients 60 second instagram teasers or some behind the scenes footage of you in action, video is a powerful tool.

During the class, most of you were brand new to video. You had never editing on any software and needed the basics 101 of video editing.

Imovie video editor

I recommended using imovie. First of all, Imovie is free! You can download this with ease and begin using this tool right a way. Second, it really has all you need for minor video editing, perfect for simple instagram edits.

Once you want to get deeper into color grading, editing longer films and effects then I recommend that you upgrade to Final Cut Pro.

Here is a quick tutorial I made last night to go over the basics of editing with imovie. It’s a bit rustic 🙂 but wanted to just cut to the point! I want you to get the information you need, fast and easy.

What’s covered

I go over the following:

  1. Import
  2. timeline (video vs audio)
  3. slow motion
  4. cutting/splicing the clips in timeline
  5. Layering/Double Exposure
  6. Export

I hope it helps! Feel free to post questions!