Untraditional Adventure Honeymoons  by an Adventure Elopement Videographer

Okay, I will confess that my wedding was very traditional and we did a lot of people pleasing. I was a nervous wreck and well I did not enjoy the day very much. As an adventure elopement videographer, I would have bored out of my mind at my wedding. Haha!

But, our honeymoon, was about us. Any adventure elopement videographer would have been pleased to tag along on our honeymoon journey. So I have put together a little list of some fun adventure elopements and honeymoons to consider. And hey, if you have been married for years and looking for something to respark adventure in your marriage, consider these getaways as well!

Adventure Elopement in Spain

Maps throughout the Camino de Santiago. Easy to follow. We never got lost.

El Camino De Santiago in Spain

We waited a few months before we went on our honeymoon. My husband was a school teacher and so we waited for his summer break. Then we hit up Europe for a few months. BY far the Camino de Santiago was our favorite part of the trip and honestly, probably saved us from returning to the USA for an annulment! Haha!

What is the Camino de Santiago? 

Camino de Santiago Concha

Signs that mark the Camino de Sanitago

La Flecha

The Camino de Santiago is a modern day Christian pilgrimage. It travels through parts of France and portugal but most of it goes through towns in Spain. Each little village adores the pilgrims and offers cheap lodging and menus. Sometimes the lodging is even free or based on donations. Most of the time each village offers you two choices of lodging. A secular lodging or an older cathedral run by nuns and volunteers. Mass or devotion is often encouraged at the cathedral. Being Christian, we opted for the cathedrals and loved the quiet soul experiences there.  The secular lodging were also very nice, though usually a bit more loud and hot. 🙂 But still lots of fun to meet people from all over the world.

Spain Elopement

One of the cathedrals we lodged at.

Adventure Elopement at the ruinas de San Anton

ruinas san anton. My favorite place. Would this not be the perfect Adventure Elopement location! ?

Adventure Elopement in Spain, honeymooning in bunkbed.

Inside one of the lodges. Yes, we honeymooned in bunk bed. I think this night was 97degrees, no breeze and about 60 pilgrims. HOT!

We found there was a good mix of some soul seekers who were searching for God on their walk and others who more there for the experience. Obviously, you do not have to have a faith motivation to walk on the trail, though there is no doubt that you will be moved from deep within as you sojourn through through mountains, vineyards and ruins of Spain. I never sense anyone judging anyone for there reasons to hike.

The most common place to start the camino is in France or Portugal. Though you can jump on at any place that works for you.

Some people began the pilgrimage with heartache. We met one man who lost his wife just weeks before, and began the walk to sort out the next phase of life and his own loss. One priest we had the privilege of  journeying with was obviously heavily burdened, as he often stopped to pray and weep.

While others joined the trail because a cheap, beautiful hiking vacation was appealing!

We found ourselves in between, we are both practicing christians and yet to be honest we first joined the trail because we were running out of money fast and were getting tired of the boring hotel tourist trap. We wanted more. We were fighting almost every day because it was so stressful. Then we saw signs popping up everywhere… little shells or Conchas. And saw people walking with these shells on their backpacks. We asked. And were so intrigued. So we threw all of our stuff into lockers and took only the basics.

WHY we loved the Camino de Santiago.

Spiritual and Reflective. Let’s be honest. Our lives are hectic, busy, and crowded.  Our cell phones are forever in our faces, the clocks are ever rushing us along, we are grinding through our busy work lives and then we “rest” with tv. I hate it.  AND I live it every day. As an adventure elopement videographer, I am constantly on my phone talking with couples, responding to inquiries, and while I love meeting and talking with couples, I do miss the days without my phone! Though even back in 2010, when we were married, I felt this way and didnt even have a smart phone!

Even if you are a professing Atheist, you will find this experience spiritual— if not alone by the amazing beauty of spain, the beauty of the stillness, and the beauty of relationships with other sojourners.

El Camino De Santiago Elopement

Spain Elopement Videographer

Community and Unity

On the trail I felt a sense of unity with everyone. Like we were all in this together. When you pass by another pellegrino, you often encourage each other with a “Buen Camino”.

And You will meet amazing people from all over. At least living in the States, i feel so lonely sometimes. We get into our cars, go to our work, dont talk much to others.

Friends on the Camino de Santiago

Here this all goes away. You can walk alone ( there is plenty of space and respect for this) but there is also an openness to journey together. To talk, to listen, to be seen and to see.

David and I were married for just a few months before we hit the camino. We were fighting a lot. It was hard. Marriage is hard. We were running out of money. We were stressed. I was terrified. And we were dealing with our past baggage. I was about ready to go home from our amazing European Vacation when we decided to try the camino de santiago.

Within a day, we met Elias. A priest from mexico. He was the funniest man we have ever met and he helped us both to loosen up so much and laugh and enjoy. We shared stories, enjoyed nature, good wine, and cheap food.

While on the trail, sharing is encouraged. Most people are trying to keep it minimal with their stuff so sharing is not always an option, but there is a sense of unity in that everyone is in it together. It was common for us to all pitch in a few euros to make a community meal at the end of the day and cook and eat together.  When that was not an option, most villages had a menu del dia for a very affordable price.

Beautiful and Afforable

While I am sure the prices have changed some in the last 10 years, the trails is very affordable. Each village is designed to take for it’s pellegrino’s. Expect to pay anywhere from 15 to 30 euros a day with food and lodging.

The menu on the camino de santiago

Before we were trying to do the hotel or hostels throughout Spain…. And well, as he is a teacher and I am an adventure elopement videographer, we are not exactly rolling in the dough. So this was a great stress reliever!

You choose the pace and well marked

Adventure Elopement in Spain

Spain Adventure Elopement all the way


You get to decide how far you want to go. There are plenty of stops for shorter walks or longer walks. You can also bike the trail! Not as exciting because you are on roads instead of cute paths but still an option.  

Sometimes it was flat. Sometimes there were massive hills I would cry my way through. One time a swarm of birds followed me for a km….I am convinced they thought I was about to kill over and they were going to feast on my remains.

But over all the trail is not too terribly hard 🙂 And it is super easy to follow. There are tons of markings and signs. Just follow the shells and yellow arrows!

What to Pack

There was a running joke among us Pellegrino’s. Beware of the “por si caso” stuff you are tempted to bring. We each carried one tiny bag. Most people whoever on the trail looked like they were packing for the zombie apocalypse. The thing is, if you happen to need something, you could buy it in one of the towns you are passing through. Otherwise, don’t. Just don’t.

We went during the summer, so we did not bring clothes for cold weather. This is the things I recommend packing.

Our packs for the Camino de Santiago

> two pairs of quick dry clothes. We wore our one change of clothes, then would hand wash our clothes in the shower while bathing. We would put on our second change of clothes and then hang our washed clothes outside to dry. They were always dry within hours. Thanks Sunny Spain!

> bar of laundry soap. Better than liquid in my opinion. You can scrub easier.

> YES to extra socks and shoes. I bought a pair of crocs, ugly but so comfortable and needed. AND honestly, I would bring next time an extra pair of tennis shoes to change out. If there is one thing you want and need, its to take care of your feet! Blisters are a guarantee on the trail and its painful!

> Blister care. Bring mole skin, ointments, bandages, etc.

> Aleve or anti inflammatory meds to help because you be sore.

>  Deo? I didn’t bother 🙂 Sorry not sorry LOL

> toothbrush and paste.

>bar of all in one soap….Shampoo, and body.

>poncho in case it rains.

> YES bring a headlamp. We often would start hiking at 4 or 5 in the morning. If you are still on the trail by noon, you are dead. Adios. It’s too hot! You will fry. So to beat the sun, we rose early.

Basically, this is an amazing option for an Adventure elopement or adventure honeymoon. And if you are looking for an adventure elopement videographer, give me a call! It wouldn’t be so bad to have an adventure elopement in france or the coast of spain and then begin the honeymoon on the trail! <3  I do a lot of planning for my adventure elopement couples. So if this is something you are considering, give me a call!


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